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Ineo is the global mobility industry’s premier technology, tax and financial services company, and the industry’s most trusted knowledge source. First to bring deep, tax-side expertise to the business of mobility services, today Ineo continues to lead our increasingly complex industry with customized solutions to meet each client’s specific challenges. Our founders have dedicated themselves to building effective, compliant solutions for the complex task of managing a globally mobile workforce. Everything we do is about ensuring a successful experience for both the global mobility professional and the mobile employee; it's always client first. As the global mobility industry's knowledge leaders, we are dedicated to sharing what we know - through technical innovation, education, exceptional service, and developing creative ways to save our clients time, stress, and expense. Realize a competitive advantage through a loyal, globally mobile workforce, and the bottom line impact that comes from reducing risk and ensuring compliance.

Stand Location: B4
Telephone: +1 303 308 1801
Country: United Kingdom